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Industry Applications



  • Paper coatings.
  • Pthalo Blues typically fully mixed in 45 minutes.
  • High quality flexographic and rotogravure inks made easily.
  • Save on pigment costs with improved color development.
  • Disperses up to 75% clay solids and 65% TiO2 solids.
  • Custom milling and mixing equipment for continuous processing where feasible.
  • Vinyl, Nitro Cellulose chips and water pastes dispersed in minutes.
  • Are tanks on your farm full of sludge? Just give us a call.
  • Additives, emulsions, or dispersions with oil made easily
  • Disperse two inch chunks of rubber quickly.
  • Slurry coal and water and oil with superior stability.
  • Custom designed high intensity fluxing and non-fluxing type mixers.
  • Mix and disperse your liquid colors quickly and efficiently.
  • Quality adhesives are made easily with our mixing process.
  • Custom gasification plates for injecting gas into liquid systems.
  • We offer custom design service for vacuum requirements.
  • Some of the best mustard is made in a KADY® Mill.
  • KADY® s make superior salad oil emulsifications.
  • Grind pepper seeds for oil extraction in a KADY®.
  • Disperse concentrated flavors and fragrances.
  • The KADY® will disperse precious metal coatings.
  • Liquid toners are manufactured in the KADY® Mill.
  • Cook 5 to 6 batches of printing varnish per shift.
  • Heats up to 400 degrees F. in 40 minutes with no external heat source.
  • Iron oxides dispersed in 15-30 minutes.
  • Working with gypsum or ceramics? Use our specially heat treated abrasion resistant dispersion head.
  • Effect particle size reduction in manufacturing defoamers.
  • Candy colors are dispersed in the KADY® Mill.
  • Ceramic powders ground and dispersed to sub-micron particle size.
  • Need a totally air-free mixing environment? Give us a call.
  • Multi-layer electro ceramic capacitors? Try KADY®!
  • Purification or aeration requirements? Call us.
  • KADY® s suspend heavy metals easily.
  • Blending polymers with ceramics or pigments? Try us.
  • Water based, alkyd, and latex paint produced easily and efficiently.
  • The KADY® Mill makes paint in one step! No more premixing required.
  • Tired of costly down time for maintenance and cleaning of your media mill? Give the KADY® people a call!
  • The KADY® Mill makes wood stains easily and in one step.
  • Save an hour or more in dispersing pigment into the water phase of an emulsion makeup.
  • Disperse hydrophobic pigments in powder finish cream makeup in thirty minutes or less.
  • Effectively disperse organic and inorganic dyes in anhydrous makeups.
  • Cuts varnish formula adjustment time to minutes.
  • One step dispersions.
  • Reduce passes through your media mill by PREMILLING with KADY®.
  • Disperses flame retardants and other textile coatings.
  • For mechanical deaeration, try KADY®.
  • Sub micron dispersions via cavitation.
  • Rupture fish cells to release their oils.
  • Slurry talc in minutes, instead of hours while deaerating the batch.
  • Vacuum load fumed silica into the KADY® for quick, clean, efficient processing