Kady's® rotor-stator technology powers our industrial mixers.

The unique Kady dispersion head consists of a slotted rotor operating inside of a slotted stator.

The rotor turning at very high speeds, functions as a centrifugal pump, drawing materials from above and below and hurling it off the slot tips at 9,000 feet per minute, breaking it down to its smallest particle size.

The Kady is well known for its ability to quickly reduce agglomerates to their original or ultimate particle size. Blending them with a low viscosity liquid vehicle and wetting them out to create stable dispersions. All wetted parts are standard in stainless steel.

The Kady's great strength lies in its ability to achieve very high-speed dispersions, saving up to 90% of production time over prop or blade mixers.

The tremendous energy input of the Kady batch mixer—80% faster than other rotor-stators—leads to superior dispersion results.

Benefits of Rotor-Stator Technology Includes

  • Eliminating multiple media mill passes
  • Increasing capacity with a higher flow rate
  • Reducing production time and equipment cost
  • Saving clean up time and cost