Top entry industrial lab millTOP ENTRY INDUSTRIAL LAB MILLS

KADY® LT2000 Rotor-Stator High Speed Dispersion Lab Mill

The newly engineered LT 2000 is an efficient, top entry, rotor-stator, high speed dispersion lab mill, offering almost unlimited mixing/dispersion combinations. New design features include:

Top Entry Lab Mill Features

  • Enclosed shaft for deaerating capabilities
  • Decreased aeration
  • New prop mixers for increased flow
  • Results correlate to the entire line of KADY® industrial mixers
  • Continuous Flow mixers or Batch-Fast mixers, Fine Dispersions
  • Unique KADY® high-speed rotor-stator dispersion head
  • Integrated control panel offers variable speed & temperature control for all your mixing needs
  • Continuous thru put rates of 3 to 5 GPM, or batch operation 1 pint to 3/4 gallons
  • Requires only 1.48 sq. ft. of space, options: vacuum, pressure, interchangeable dispersion heads, sweeparm, jacketed vessels for heating and cooling or use your own vessels

Bottom entry industrial lab millBOTTOM ENTRY INDUSTRIAL LAB MILLS

Model LB

The Model LB is a fast, efficient unit for all types of mixing and dispersion needs. The results from this bottom entry unit correlate to the entire line of KADY® Mills. The LB is used in many plants for formulating for all plant production mills.

Bottom Entry Lab Mill Features

  • The LB has a batch working capacity of one U.S. gallon.
  • The unique KADY® dispersion head consists of a slotted stator inside a rotor and works on a theory of impingement.
  • All wetted parts are standard in stainless steel.
  • The Model LB requires only 1.41 square feet of space.
  • The Model LB is equipped with a 3 horsepower motor.
  • Custom engineering is available to meet your specific needs.
  • Dispersions are made in minutes permitting sameday delivery of samples to customers.
  • A one gallon stainless steel water jacketed vessel for heating or cooling is standard. Options include vacuum/pressure and high temperature jackets.
  • Dry mixing blades and /or dissolver blades are optional.
  • Vacuum operation is optional.