Since 1949, KADY International has been a leading manufacturer in the mixing industry; we specialize in premium products and outstanding customer service. We work with our customers in an effort to understand their unique application and process so that we can provide the best solution. Over the years we have worked with many industries that have required mills for a wide array of applications. Because of our long diverse history, we understand that not every application will require a mill with the same specifications. This is why we have developed a broad product line for each of our solutions, from our lab, inline and top entry mills to our unique bottom entry mills.

We work with each and every one of our customers every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction and provide a wide selection of bottom entry mills to cover a wide range of applications.

Model 500B

KADY®'s Bottom Entry Models

Model # HP Operating VOL. (Max) Rotor Speed Dia.
LB 3 1 16,000 2"
10C 10 5 8,500 4"
OO 15 10 8,500 4"
OB 25 20 6,500 5"
OC 30 60 6,500 5"
2C 50 125 5,200 6.5"
4C 75 250 5,200 6.5"
5C 125 350 5,200 6.5"
500 150 600 2,800 12"
800 200 800 2,800 12-16"
1000 250 1000 2,200 16"
1400 300 1400 2,000 16"
1600 350 1600 2,000 16"
2000 400 2000 2,000 16"
* For normal usage

Applications & Design on Bottom Entry Mills

These mills are excellent for dispersions, emulsions, mixing, blending and homogenizing. By using energy transfer in the form of shear, impact and impingement—our mills are able to effectively disperse solid materials throughout a liquid in an even, uniform fashion. Our bottom entry mills can also be manufactured for applications requiring vacuum or pressure.

  • One of the main components of our dispersion unit is the rotor. The function of the rotor is to provide the force that accelerates the solid particles into the liquid. This violent action is what deagglomerates and breaks up the particles. The particles are forced into the stator wall, broken apart and become mixed after impact. This action is much like throwing a snowball against a brick wall.
  • The stator is what provides the barrier for high impact that is crucial to this process. The stator surrounds the rotor and is configured with slots that provide surface impact area and work to ensure all materials are aggressively mixed.
  • In addition to the rotor, our dispersion units have two propellers: one on top of the rotor and one under the rotor. These props serve to create additional flow within the vessel and to force the materials into the rotor repeatedly to create a fine dispersion. These propellers can be modified according to the application or specifications of our customers’ application.
  • Propellers come in a few different shapes from flat to marine style; each design caters to a unique flow pattern.
  • Lastly, head plates fit snugly against the top and bottom of the stator and act to sandwich the slots thus concentrating the force of the material through the slot only and to help avoid "spill-over".

If you are unsure of which model will best suit your application, our knowledgeable engineers are happy to work with you to make certain the Kady Mill is the appropriate machine for your process application. We will even test your materials in our lab which takes the guesswork out of mill specification. Whether you are emulsifying, homogenizing, milling, cooking, mixing, dispersing, or another application, KADY International has the knowledge and well over 60 years of experience in the industry; you can count on us to provide a tailor made solution for you.