Refurbished Kady® Mills and industrial mixers.

All with leading rotor-stator technology.

Completely refurbished to new machine factory specs. Each one carries a new machine warranty.

Availability of refurbished mixing equipment is subject to prior sale.

Bottom entry refurbished industrial mixers

Bottom Entry

OO-15 5-10 gallon working capacity, 15 h.p.

OC-30 20-60 gallon working capacity, 30 h.p.

4C-75 60-250 gallon working capacity, 75 h.p.

800B 250-800 gallon working capacity, 200 h.p.

Top entry refurbished industrial mixers

Top Entry

L-2000 Lab mill 1 gallon, 3 h.p.

Continuous flow refurbished industrial mixers

Continuous Flow

OCF-30 Continuous Flow 5-40 gpm, 30 h.p.