We wrote the book on Premilling!
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Premilling with a Kady can:


KADY® PreMilling, a new processing concept from KADY® International, combines premilling and early milling stages into one efficient step. This can change your whole mixing process — for the better!

Benefits of Premilling

KADY® PreMilling quickly delivers a finer premilled base to your media mill thereby:

  • Eliminating multiple media mill passes

  • Increasing capacity with a higher flow rate

  • Reducing production time and equipment cost

  • Saving clean up time and cost

Typical Premix Media Mill Process:

Coating manufacturers have responded to requirements for fine grinds with the addition of multiple passes, alternative media types, or special multi-chamber high flow media mills. While the media mill remains the best choice for the "final grind", of some formulations, the process becomes inefficient when, typically the media mill is expected to take particles of 100 microns. A more efficient mixing process can be achieved by combining the "premix" and early milling stages into one step, PreMilling.

premilling premix

The KADY® PreMilling Process:

KADY® PreMilling quickly and efficiently delivers a premilled base to the media mill for the "final grind" - a single high speed KADY® Mill can provide a homogeneous "premix" and initial dispersion below 20 microns in less time than a typical premix: and the time required to finish the grind in the media mill will be greatly minimized.

premilling process

Multiple media passes can be eliminated thereby reducing production and clean up time as well as duplication of expensive equipment. The KADY® mill employs a precision, close clearance rotor-stator turning at 9,000 FPM. This tremendous energy input into the mix batch (80% faster than other rotor-stator) leads to the superior dispersion results.

premilling media passes

Contact us today for more information from the dispersion experts at KADY® INTERNATIONAL on new developments such as KADY® Sweep Arms, or multi-stage continuous flow mills that further enhance the advantages offered by KADY® PreMilling. Call for details on "in-plant" rentals or custom mixing solutions.