At KADY International we pride ourselves on not only premium products, but also in outstanding customer service. We strive to understand our customers specific needs in an effort to provide them with the best possible solution based on their specifications. Because we understand that every application is different and not all solutions will fit each need, we develop extensive product lines to cover every application.

Model 100T

KADY®'s Top Entry Models

Model # HP Operating VOL. (Max) Rotor Speed Dia.
L 3 .5-.75 16,000 2"
10T 15 5-20 8,500 4"
20T-30 30 20-100 6,500 5"
25T-75 75 50-300 5,200 6.5"
50T 150 250-600 2,800 12"
100T 250 400-1000 2,200 16"
1000D 250 400-1000 2,200 16"

Customization of Top Entry Mills

We are known for our top entry and bottom entry industrial mills, these mills can be designed to work with your current tanks or we can supply tanks that are built for our specific mills. As stated earlier, our engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting a product that fits your application perfectly. We offer five different models of our KADY Top Entry line, each with a different operating volume, rotor speed, and horsepower.

If your application requires dispersion, look no further than KADYs top entry mills. These mixers are excellent for dispersing solid materials into liquid in a uniform way; dispersion is a common way to deagglomerate or dissolve certain solids into liquids. Our dispersion machines work by utilizing energy transfer with the primary forces being shear, impact and impingement.

  • The heart of the dispersion unit is the rotor. It acts much like a centrifugal pump and is the dominant force of the machine. Its function is to accelerate the particles in a liquid stream and force them at high pressure into the stator wall. The rotor tip speed reaching 9000 ft./min., the rotor slots are cut tangentially into the rim, opposite the flow or rotation of the batch, and serves also as a pump, to re-circulate the complete batch within the vessel.
  • Working in conjunction with the rotor is the stator. The stator is a fixed closed circle surrounding the rotor. The clearance between them serves as a barrier for the rapid impact and impingement of the particles. It has slots cut through at an angle to help promote flow.
  • Two propellers, one working just above the rotor, the other working just below, are designed to force feed the rotor. Although the lower propeller is generally a flat blade type, the upper propeller, is modified to suit the product's requirements.
  • Upper props commonly used are, flat blade type, marine, (like those found on boats) or flat blades with either a ring around them or tips on the end of the blades...all designed to help achieve a specific flow pattern.
  • Head plates fit against the top and bottom of the stator and act to sandwich the slots thus concentrating the force of the material through the slot only and to help avoid "spill-over". Head mounted baffle(s) are also provided to control the flow pattern.

Our knowledgeable engineers understand the differences of each application and which machine would be best for you and yours. We carry an extensive line of products that are excellent for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, milling, mixing, cooking, and other applications.

So if you are unsure what product you require, do not hesitate to call our friendly staff and we will work with you to diagnose your specific need and suggest a solution that is tailor made for you based on your specifications. We have over 60 years of experience in the industry and we want to go to work for you.